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Palma Stucco and Plaster are experts in applying E.I.F.S. Stucco Finishing Systems.

As an E.I.F.S. Stucco Certified Contractor serving a 300 miles radius of Northwest Arkansas, including Bentonville, Fayetteville, Rogers, Bella Vista and Springdale, Palma Stucco and Plaster has over 20 years experience in commercial and residential E.I.F.S. installation and repair service.

E.I.F.S. Stucco Systems

E.I.F.S. (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) refers to the insulation and materials used in applying the “system” (E.g, adhesives, fasteners, coatings and more). E.I.F.S. provides a durable, weather-resistant primary barrier. During installation, Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems can be applied using either adhesives or fasteners to exterior surfaces.

As a multilayered process, E.I.F.S. includes a foam insulation board, a coat of synthetic stucco, fiberglass mesh and top coat. When installed properly, E.I.F.S. rarely needs repainting since the special acrylic coating is resistant to fading, chalking or yellowing. E.I.F.S. is also less likely to crack than Traditional Stucco because reinforcing mesh-netting is included in the base layers.

As the preferred stucco contractor in Northwest Arkansas, Palma Stucco and Plaster are certified installers of Energy Efficient and Green E.I.F.S building systems. At Palma Stucco and Plaster, our cladding systems can earn valuable LEED points toward project certification.


E.I.F.S. Installation (continued)

Correct E.I.F.S. installation offers two options where proper moisture drainage is achieved. The first option includes the use of a secondary air/weather barrier to provide a cost-effective, added level of protection by utilizing sheathing and added cavity-space against moisture and air intrusion. With the added space between the foam and substrate, a drainage cavity is created. Another option offered by Palma Stucco and Plaster includes installation of a moisture barrier, typically sealed contiguously throughout the building’s structure. This process of Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems installation prevents moisture from ever finding its way behind the E.I.F.S. By performing this added step, water is prevented from damaging the supporting structure.

When installed properly, E.I.F.S. passes rigorous tests including: Full-Scale Fire, Wind-Load, Wind-Driven Rain, and Large and Small Missiles. Finishes are available in almost limitless color options and includes other performance enhancement options, including increased resistance to dirt pick-up and mildew.

Palma Stucco and Plaster Are Experts In:

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