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Palma Stucco and Plaster are experts in producing fine, natural appearing integrated Plaster and Stucco for walls and ceilings which beautify almost any residential and commercial property.

As a Gypsum-based product, Plaster provides an “Old-World” appearance and looks wonderful in your home or office. Plaster can be applied as smooth as glass or textured to your exacting preference. Palma Stucco and Plaster can provide samples prior to installation. Plaster can also be painted to match an existing color or new color.

Plaster can create sheen and texture in (almost) unlimited colors. Hand applied plaster from Palma Stucco and Plaster is an affordable choice for the perfect “Old-World” look without compromising the finest quality and craftsmanship possible. With decades of plastering experience, we look forward to providing a free estimate for your home improvement or commercial construction project.

Plaster Service From Palma Stucco and Plaster

Skip Trowel

A skip trowel texture is applied very thin with the angle of the knife to the drywall surface causing the mud to "skip" across the surface leaving behind the texture.

Hawk and Trowel

Hawk and Trowel texture can be described as "layers" of material flowing over other layers. It can resemble waves in water or more random circles depending on taste.


The Swirl texture is used most often on ceilings but may also be found on walls of apartment buildings. A swirl texture leaves a collection of swirled patterns of half circles.

Random Knockdown

A Random Knockdown texture is created by using a roller to create random patterns of material. Once the basic pattern is created a knockdown knife is used for a desired effect.

Splatter Knockdown

Splatter knockdown is a nice texture option for new construction. Another texture though less common but closely related is orange peel texture. It is created with very similar techniques.


A few "old-world" plaster finishes begin with a smooth plaster texture. A Smooth texture is ideal for a variety of faux marble finishes or blended colors that provide the illusion of color shadows.

Knife Edge

A very unique plaster texture is called "Knife Edge". As the name suggests, this texture is created using the edge of a plaster trowel. Knife Edge is ideal for walls in outdoor living spaces.

Layered Concrete

For a contemporary look that would compliment a restaurant or retail store, Layered Concrete provides just the right look. This texture can be left alone or painted to compliment any décor.

Don't see the perfect plaster texture? We can provide many more textures to meet your taste!