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Looking For The Ideal Stucco Texture For Your Home or Business? ...Palma Stucco and Plaster Can Help!

Palma Stucco & Plaster is a certified, licensed and bonded stucco contractor with decades of experience in producing world-class stucco applications!

Even if you don’t select us, we encourage you to verify the experience and quality provided by your potential stucco contractor. All too often, we are hired to repair improper stucco.

When done right, stucco should last decades without a lot of maintenance. We look forward to visiting with you personally to review the best stucco texture for your residential or commercial stucco project.

Sand Float

Select from a light or heavy sand-float stucco texture. These stucco textures are a very popular stucco finish available in a variety of color.


A very popular stucco texture, Lace is used when people prefer a traditional stucco look. A very flexible texture for any application.


Using the edge of a trowel, a Freestyle stucco texture offers an artistic appearance ideal for any home or commercial building.


Dash stucco textures appear slightly heavier than sand textures. Optional knock-down finish offers a three dimensional appearance.


One of the most elegant textures today. It is the easiest to clean and is very customizable with different colors added for a “mottled look”


Worm-Style stucco offers an elegant texture for any home or business. This finish is used most often with EIFS stucco applications.

Old World

Old World stucco texture offers the appearance of a Tuscan or European Villa from the middle-ages. Compliment with color hues.


Brushed stucco texture can be applied with a variety of design patterns. This stucco texture is great for commercial applications.

Don't see the perfect texture? We can provide examples prior to installation that meet your taste!