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Palma Stucco and Plaster are experts in applying Traditional Stucco or Classic Stucco.

When you’re looking for an exceptional cladding (siding) exterior finish for your home or business, there’s nothing more versatile or classic than a Traditional Stucco Finish from Palma Stucco and Plaster. Stucco provides a versatile and attractive finish, adding appeal and weather resistance to your home or business. The science behind the stucco application process is critical for a proper and long-lasting finish. Depending on construction and desired finish, there are choices when considering a Stucco Finish, Traditional or Acrylic Stucco. Here’s the difference:

Traditional Stucco

Traditional Stucco is a (rock-like) hard exterior finish applied in one and three coat processes. Traditional Stucco is made from cement, lime, aggregate and water. Finish Textures range from rough to smooth finishes, using different sizes and amounts of aggregate to achieve the desired appearance.

The investment in Traditional Stucco costs less than Acrylic Stucco, which also offers a highly versatile finish with a range of textures and colors. When applied properly, Traditional Stucco requires an additional layer for an excellent finish and long-lasting appearance. Traditional Stucco additives can reduce possible cracking, but Traditional Stucco may require future maintenance due to weather and structural changes. Traditional Stucco is readily available from Palma Stucco and Plaster and is a more affordable option with many choices in colors and textures for your finished project.


Acrylic Stucco

Acrylic Stucco is less rigid than Traditional Stucco because it requires several layers: a foam insulation board, a first coat of synthetic stucco, a layer of fiberglass mesh, and a final (top) coat of Acrylic Stucco. Acrylic Stucco is a great choice for one and three coat applications, as well as for finishing E.I.F.S. installations (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems).

Acrylic Stucco is slightly more expensive than Traditional Stucco because of the ingredients in Acrylic Stucco and steps required for proper installation. Acrylic Stucco is made from acrylic resins, polymers, and sand and resembles a thin glue or a high-quality paint in its consistency. Acrylic Stucco comes as a white base, but colors can be added to create rich, vibrant finishes. Because Acrylic Stucco isn’t a cement-based product, the color varieties typically are brighter than Traditional Stucco.  

Textures available for Acrylic Stucco are different than Traditional Stucco, but with more than 20-years of experience, Palma Stucco and Plaster are experts in providing texture options that meet and surpass your desired appearance.

Palma Stucco and Plaster Are Experts In:

  • New Stucco and Remodeling Stucco Applications
  • Custom Stucco Trim & Moldings
  • Acrylic Finishes
  • Stucco Color Matching
  • Stucco Texture Matching
  • Improper Stucco Installation – Repair